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NO DISCOUNT CODES: discount codes are not accepted on Fullmetalstunts products subcages and crash cages. This includes sponsored rider codes and sale codes. If you use any discount code on a subcage or crash cage from Fullmetal Stunts your order will be automatically refunded -2% refund fee.


Cages are made from 1020 DOM Steel.


Hardware and pucks included.FMS R7 race rails mount to the front engine mount using CNC engine mount spacers.Our race rails allows for full shin clearance and comfortable ergonomics when riding your motorcycle.Are modifcations required?No If you do not want to drill holes in fairings you can run our race rails with no modifcations.We highly recommend getting our OPTIONAL top crossbar that connects the top half of the cages together. (drilling a 1-1/8 hole is required) This gives cage the extra support and helps distrubute the load throughout the cage. Making the product much stronger to handle more abuse.


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