Complete your handbrake kit with the same master The Twins run! 




Magura LEFT HAND 13mm master cylinder great for hand brake applications. Work amzing paired with (1) Yamaha Monoblock 4 piston caliper. Softer feeling master with great braking power. Proven setup for many years. 


Magura HC1 13mm Radial Master Cylinder Specs: 

  • The lever, housing and clamp are made from forged aluminum 
  • Hydraulic brake control with piston diameters of 13mm ideal for (1) 4x piston monoblock caliper  
  • Optimum lever kinetics 
  • Design features an inclined pump and highly favorable mounting conditions on most bikes 
  • Brake lever reach individually adjustable 
  • Integrated brake light switch

Magura 13mm HC1 DOT Handbrake for (1) caliper

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$284.99Sale Price