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FULL TWINSTUNTS HANDBRAKE KIT NOW INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED EVEN BRAKE CALIPERS!!! We made it as simple as possible as we are now a ONE STOP SHOP for your entire FZ/MT/R7 handbrake setup.

2022+ NEED to CHECK caliper to wheel clearance, may require washer to space the caliper away from the rim on new models.



MAGURA 13mm IS BACK IN STOCK plenty of masters ready to ship


Twinstunts signature handbrake bracket made in the USA.

Kit includes

(1) Twinstunts handbrake bracket with hardware

(1) Yamaha Monoblock 4 Piston Caliper for Handbrake "used"

(1) Brembo P32/34 Adapter

(1) Brembo P32 Footbrake caliper "NEW"

(1) 80in handbrake line

(1) 24in footbrake line

(1) Handbrake master of your choice (Magura or Brembo)

(1) Brand-new 298mm big rotor (machined to accept stock rotor bolts) if selected

Fits all Yamaha FZ/MT 07/09 models 2015+These brackets are extremely high quality CNC machined 6061 aluminum.The bracket will hold up to 3 calipers including:(3) 4 piston Yamaha Monoblock radial calipers(2) 4 piston radial calipers and (1) Brembo P32/34 foot brake* Includes provisions for OEM speed sensor on MT models**OEM foot brake caliper cannot be used**.

Must use Yamaha 4 piston monoblock and Brembo P32/34 with adapter*Use blue loctite on all hardware


Recommend Yamalube DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Blue Loctite on all mounting hardware


*Disclaimer: Motorcycle stunt riding, freestyle trick riding, wheelies, stunts, etc are all dangerous actions on a motorcycle and should be performed on a closed course at your own risk. Twinstunts LLC is not to be held whether express or implied for the safety, reliability, performance, and durability of our companies’ products. Twinstunts LLC accepts no liability whatsoever for the use, safety, reliability, performance, and durability of our companies’ products. It is up to the consumer to check proper fitment and install all hardware securely of final products received. Twinstunts accepts no liability for any claims that may arise from the use / failure of this product whether that be serious injury or death. Consumers accept all risks while using this product.


*** The 4 Piston Yamaha Monoblock calipers are used in good condtion. You will recieve either a left or right which only matters when bleeding the brake system. You must make sure the bleeder is facing straight up in order to get the air out of the caliper. We hand pick and inspect each caliper we recieve before shipping***


***This is a custom made to order part and CAN take up to 2+ or more weeks to be manufactured and shipped out however this is our best seller and almost never out of stock***


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