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This "Saggy Shock" suspension link raises the tail and reduces the linkage ratio on the Yamaha FZ/MT-07 rear shock. The end result is a MUCH stiffer rear shock, less sponginess, roughly 1.25 in raised height. This will help fix the issues most riders have with the stock FZ/MT shocks without replacing your shock. No more spending $500 for a K-tech or searching high and low for some used Suzuki shock thats not meant to fit this bike. It is designed to reduce the bounce back on when clutching up a wheelie and less suspesnion travel when using the brakes resulting in a much more controlled ride.


Install Video:

**NOTE: Must Press fit your stock bearing from current suspension link into new link, or you can buy new you will need 3x OEM #93315-31758-00


Disclaimer: Motorcycle stunt riding, freestyle trick riding, wheelies, stunts, etc are all dangerous actions on a motorcycle and should be performed on a closed course at your own risk. Twinstunts LLC is not to be held whether express or implied for the safety, reliability, performance, and durability of our companies’ products. Twinstunts LLC accepts no liability whatsoever for the use, safety, reliability, performance, and durability of our companies’ products. It is up to the consumer to check proper fitment and install all hardware securely of final products received. Twinstunts accepts no liability for any claims that may arise from the use / failure of this product whether that be serious injury or death. Consumers accept all risks while using this product.


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