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Replacing the front fork springs with the proper rate for your riding style and weight can make a trememdous difference in the performance of your forks. Yamaha MT07 is undersprung from the factory this our reccomendations for stunt riding. Replacing the springs is one of the best bang for the buck suspension upgrades available.

Fits all year FZ/MT-07 Models does NOT fit Yamaha R7


A High Performance Spring has a high stiffness to mass ratio. Stock suspension sags under its own weight and often is refered too as "spongy" or soft feeling


Two spring rates available for different weight riders. 


Less then 150Lb =  .85Kg

150 - 175Lb =  .92Kg

 175 - 200Lb =  .95Kg 

225Lb + = 1.00Kg


We ride with the .95Kg and weight 155Lb. Riders who prefer a stiffer ride can choose bewtween the two and have great results with each. 



  • High performance spring
  • Extremely accurate rates
  • Chrome silicon, high stiffness-to-mass ratio, shot-peened, heat-treated and pre-set (no sacking)
  • Less "bouncy" feeling
  • Less fork dive during stoppies 


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