The 14 RCS, with a 14 mm diameter floating piston can be used on most single disc braking systems with 2-pistons fixed or floating calipers.

However, the configuration can be changed in a matter of seconds by setting the ratio distance between values of “18” or “20” by simply turning the regulator on the front face of the steering arm 180 degrees with a screwdriver. .


Brembo's RCS brake master cylinder series is designed for riders who'll settle for nothing less than the best. These kits feature an adjustable 14mm diameter piston for dual disc's, and meet the exact tolerances needed for extraordinary braking, performance and feel required during competition. With Brembo components, you enter an exclusive world, made of unique details, passion, quality and extreme performance.


This brake master includes a folding, standard length lever with anti-drag inlet hole machined into the end for the passage of air at high speed. This is a popular choice for track and race riders.



  • Folding Lever
  • Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Piston: 14mm
  • Adjustable piston 
  • Brake Switch Included
  • Disc Application: Double
  • Surface Protection: Anodized
  • Standard Folding Lever 
  • Mini Resivour and Tygon tubing included 



  • Dot 4 Brake fluid will be needed. We suggest replacing all of the fluid in the system when you install the master. Do NOT use Dot 5.1

Brembo 14RCS adjustable master with folding lever and Resivour